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MAY 24, 2022

Shining a light on mental health at Caribou



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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we’re making time at Caribou to talk about why this topic matters year-round.

As a company committed to taking care of each other, we know that prioritizing and caring for our health and wellness - physical, mental and financial - is fundamental to our team’s culture. Our goal is to create a workplace that acknowledges and supports caring for ourselves and each other so that everyone who works at Caribou can thrive.

This May, we shined a spotlight on mental health with a series of employee events that addressed some of the dimensions of mental and emotional wellbeing. All of our employees were encouraged to attend and several members of our Caribou Crew bravely volunteered to share their personal journeys with mental health. Here are the areas we explored together:

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 101 Caribou team members learned a mindfulness tool to increase empathy, communicate effectively and reduce conflict. They practiced mindful listening to improve communication and relationships within the office.

  • TEAM MEMBER EXPERIENCES + SPRING HEALTH BENEFITS Three members of our Caribou Crew bravely shared their personal mental health journeys. Then, a representative from Spring Health walked our team through the many mental wellness benefits available to Caribou employees.

  • WORK-FROM-HOME WELLNESS Working from home comes with a unique set of challenges as many of us struggle to define the boundaries of our work. In this workshop, Caribou employees learned simple techniques to improve and maintain their wellbeing when working from home. 

  • RESILIENCE TRAINING 1 Caribou team members spent time learning the three pillars of resilience in a workplace context: challenge, commitment and personal control.

  • RESILIENCE TRAINING 2 This workshop explored two data-backed strategies for improving work-life balance, even when working from home. Then, Caribou employees learned how to use mindfulness to determine what is most important to them.

Mental health isn’t just for May! At Caribou, we provide mental health resources for all of our employees to use year-round at no cost to them. These include:

Spring Health | Mental Health Program

  • Our mental health benefit through Spring Health provides Caribou employees and their household members with free, confidential assistance to help with all areas of mental health including 12 free therapy, psychiatry or life coaching sessions.

  • In-app wellness exercises to support mental fitness on-the-go with exercises in meditation, better sleep, and more.

  • Personalized recommendations and assessments to identify the right care for your needs.

  • Dedicated support and guidance from a personal Care Navigator.

  • Medication management with psychiatrists.

  • Tips for managing stress, increasing focus and more.

Sun Life | Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • The EAP program through Guidance Resources provides Caribou employees and their household members with free, confidential assistance to help with personal or professional problems that may interfere with work or family responsibilities and obligations. 

  • Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • Caribou employees and their household members can receive up to 3 face-to-face counseling sessions per person, per problem, per year.

Mental health is something everyone should care about - this month, and every month. At Caribou, we’re here to support each other on that journey.

If you’re passionate about working for a mission-driven company that values mental health, we might have an opportunity for you. Learn more about Caribou careers here.

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