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APR 05, 2022

April is financial literacy month: spotlighting Operation Hope



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April is Financial Literacy Month: Spotlighting Operation Hope

The organization that fosters financial freedom is turning 30 years old - and we’re helping them celebrate

At Caribou, we believe in seeing people as people and helping drivers transform their financial relationship with their car. When choosing to refinance your auto loan or switch insurance, having access to the right tools can help you better understand your options and discover more ways to save. With that in mind, and in recognition of Financial Literacy Month, we’re raising funds for Operation Hope this April.

Since 1992, Operation Hope has been on a mission to promote financial dignity and inclusion, equipping young people and adults with the financial tools and education to secure a better future. For 30 years, they have provided life-changing educational resources and one-on-one coaching to those who need it the most, covering topics like credit and money management, youth financial literacy and financial disaster recovery.

Whether you’re organizing your monthly budget, saving money for retirement or refinancing your car loan, knowing how to manage your finances is an important life skill. Everyone deserves access to the educational resources they need to take control of their finances. This is where Operation Hope is making a difference.

This May is Operation Hope’s 30th anniversary and we want to help get the word out. Beginning today through May 5, Caribou will donate $1 to Operation Hope every time someone shares one of our Operation Hope posts on social media (up to $5,000).

Our posts are live on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin now. Click “share” and that’s one more dollar straight to Operation Hope to support financial programming and educational resources.

Did you know? 72% of Operation Hope’s clients see an increase in their FICO score, making financial independence possible for the first time. Their programming has made homeownership possible for 14,000 people, empowered 75,000 entrepreneurs to start more than 1,100 small businesses and provided financial recovery services to over 1 million disaster survivors. You can learn more about Operation Hope programs, find resources or make a personal donation here.

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