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FEB 16, 2022

Caribou expands leadership team



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Nine new hires bring deep expertise across lending, insurance, technology, regulatory, compliance, and finance

At Caribou, we pride ourselves on building great teams, rooted in our mission-driven culture. And today, we are happy to announce that we have expanded our leadership team in recent weeks with a diverse group of incredibly talented people who have deep expertise across lending, compliance, technology, finance and more.

We are on a mission to transform consumers’ financial relationship with their cars. Now nearly 450 employees strong, this month we served our 50,000th customer since our founding in 2016, helping them save $80 million in interest payments on their auto loans. 

Let’s welcome the new members to Caribou’s leadership team!

C-level executives include:

  • Eric Stradley has been promoted to President of Caribou. Having served as Chief Operating Officer at Caribou since December 2020, and as VP of Strategy and Growth prior to that, Eric’s expertise across operations, analytics and marketing over the last decade uniquely position him to drive integrated growth across the company.  

  • Arlene Dzurnak joined us in January as our Chief Compliance Officer, bringing more than 25 years of experience across banking, fintech, and financial services.

  • Jennifer Khazai joined us in January as Caribou’s Chief Accounting Officer, with more than two decades of experience across auditing and executive accounting roles.

  • Jason Tepperman, our new Chief Lending Officer, joined us in January, having worked in venture capital, fintech and government over the prior two decades.

The company also welcomes several other leaders who have joined in recent weeks. Collectively, the new additions to Caribou’s leadership team bring experience from a broad cross-section of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the U.S.: 

  • Erin Bakst, Senior Vice President, People (joins in February)

  • Carlos Caro, Vice President, Business Development (joined in February)

  • Josh Drobnyk, Vice President, Communications (joined in January)

  • Jason Fromm, General Manager and Vice President, Insurance (joined in October)

  • Zhiyao Pei, Vice President, Credit (joined in December)

  • Mimi Turner, Vice President, Talent Acquisition (joined in January)

“Last year was an incredible year of growth for Caribou and we are so excited to welcome a great team of leaders across compliance, lending, accounting and much more,” said Caribou CEO Kevin Bennett. “Beyond driving development and innovation across Caribou’s core product offerings, this diverse team will even further enhance our company culture – something that is extremely important to our team and mission.”

In 2021, Caribou helped consumers save more than $65 million in interest and experienced 300 percent revenue growth year-over-year. The company also grew its headcount by more than 250 percent. On average, Caribou helps consumers save more than $100 a month, and in 2022 the company is eager to save even more money on auto loans and insurance for everyday Americans.

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